Ugg launches collection made from reclaimed wool and repurposed plastic

brown and white fur boots

Ugg, a California-based brand, has revealed its Icon-Impact line of footwear. It features a variety of footwear made from sustainably sourced materials including reclaimed wool.

The collection was released by the footwear label as part of ongoing environmental efforts. It aims to minimize waste production in its supply chain and reduce its environmental footprint. The brand also has a new collection for autumn/winter 2021, which includes two innovations that convert waste wool into new materials.

brown and white fur boots

The collection includes three styles: Fluff Sugar Cross Slide, Fuzz Sugar Slide, and Classic Sugar Ultra Mini. Each style aims to keep Ugg’s classic look and feel, while incorporating its latest innovations.

UggPlush, UggCycle and UggCycle, are the company’s new products. They are made from recycled wool, which requires less water, energy, and carbon emissions to produce than virgin wool. According to the company’s press release, Ugg has saved 134,000,000 megajoules of energy and 11.9 billion gallons water. It also produced 134,000,000 pounds of CO2.

white textile on brown wooden table

The collection features wool innovations as well as Ugg’s signature sugarsole foamsole, which is made using recycled plastic and carbon-neutral materials. Every element of the collection was designed with Ugg’s Feel Good initiative, which is a platform that details its environmental commitments. It was launched in 2020.

Ugg announced that it will plant one tree with every purchase made of the Icon-Impact line in accordance with One Tree Planted’s eco-friendly policies. This initiative will be available at select retailers and Ugg’s official site for the USA, Canada, Denmark, and Vietnam.

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