True blue: Keep it cool for azure eyes and a modern look

woman with purple eyes and purple eyes

Blue eye makeup can take you back to the 80s but with a modern twist

Blue eyeshadow conjures up the 80s. However, context is everything. The blue eye is incredibly contemporary, and it all comes down to what else you are seeing. It isn’t overdone, just a tiny bit of foundation. A cream blush with a creamy, velvety (but not greasy) cream blush will make your cheeks look great. Keep your lips minimally glossy, but not too glossy, as it contrasts well with the skin. After applying the blue shadow, apply a thin line of black ink. This is the key to keeping your look modern.

Here are the eyeshades you can pick out from:

1. Byredo Colour Stick in Medium Blue PS26,

2. Victoria Beckham Cheeky Posh Blusher PS34,

3. Sisley Phyto Teint Nude PS68,

4. Huda Beauty Life Liner Quick and Easy PS16,

5. Jones Road Cool Gloss in Pink Gold Shimmer PS20,

woman with purple eyes and purple eyes

And before you use decorative cosmetics, make sure you take proper care of your skin. I cannot live without… A spray-on moisturizer that works, even if you’re not on TikTok

Many people, outside of the beauty industry, have never heard of Dr Jart+. It’s huge. It was at the core of the Korean beauty boom (aka K Beauty), so it has been long on the radar for beauty editors. Now TikTokers. The rubber, ice cream-hued hyaluronic masks for the face were among its greatest hits. Is it a bit kooky? Yes. Yes. Yes. Young? It’s possible. It doesn’t matter where you are on the youth-to maturity barometer, Dr Jart is worth knowing because his formulations work wonders on all skin types. Ceramidin is the most recent product to launch. It is infused with ceramides and nurtures the skin barrier, which is basically the skin’s protective layer. Protected skin is key to healthy skin. Dry skin, oily skin, irritation, breakouts? These are signs of a damaged skin barrier. This cream helps to restore your skin’s health. The cream mist is my favorite. The majority of mists available on the market could as easily be made from tap water in a spray-bottle. This is however an amazing product. This cream moisturiser is available in liquid or spray form. It is light and hydrating. It’s so clever. It’s easy to use, my skin appears brighter and plumper, my makeup stays on better… And my skin barrier is in great shape. Yours will, too. Even if you’re not on TikTok. Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream Mist, PS20,

On my radar: Three of the most amazing retinols that your skin will love.

Spot on. When an A-list facialist creates an award-winning retinol that reduces lines, dark spots and acne scars with minimal irritation, you pay attention, Shani Darden Retinol Reform, PS80,

Moisture hoist. This overnight serum is not just a cell-renewing retinol, it includes intensely moisturising humectants like rosehip, olive and coconut oils suitable for sensitive skins. Dr Sebagh Retinol Night Repair, PS72,

Plant aid. A pioneering plant-based retinol with minimised irritation and great results – 98% of testers said their blemishes were significantly reduced in four weeks. Glossier Universal Pro Retinol, PS30,

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