TikTok’s Glasses Concealer Hack is Ridiculous…But it Banishes Dark Circles

woman wearing white sweater closeup photography

I’ve tried my fair share of ridiculous TikTok beauty trends. The “lipstick blush” trick was a popular one. Although it works in theory, I think I did too much. I used fake tan to line my lips with lip color. This was a time-saver and brilliant idea. Ad jade roller foundation application was not worth the effort. The viral glasses-concealer hack is the best. It has made me smile and pique my interest.

This month, countless makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts are trying the trick that sees you ditch the usual methods of applying concealer. You can use concealer glasses to cover up your eyes (either in tiny dots or quickly slicks, depending on how much you have). That’s correct. You apply concealer to your face by drawing a pair of glasses on top. Then, blend it out using a makeup sponge or brush.

woman wearing white sweater closeup photography

You’re probably asking, why? Well, according to TikTokers like Serena Lakkiss, applying concealer in this particular way makes for the perfect eyeshadow base and provides a more lifted appearance. This video has been viewed over 957.1k times. TikToker @glamwithsuzan also recently went viral, claiming the hack serves as a great under-eye concealer. Though Suzan jokes that she looks like cartoon character Arthur, she buffs out the product and the finished result is brightened under-eyes, free from dark circles or discoloration.

My under-eye circles are always visible, no matter how much foundation I use. The dark tones extend to my inner corners. Please note that dark circles are normal. As we get older, blood vessels and muscles under our eyes can become more obvious. Dark circles may not bother some people, but they can make you feel insecure. This is why concealer is sometimes referred to as a “desert-island” beauty product. A few taps will mask any unattractive tones and make you appear awake and well-rested. My beauty routine has been lacking lately. Patrick Ta, a celebrity makeup artist, did my makeup. He actually doubled the amount of under-eye concealer. So, the glasses concealer hack was something I needed to try.

For the perfect doe-foot application, I used Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Concealer. I chose a shade that was one to two shades lighter than my foundation. Although drawing the glasses was simple, I ended up looking terrible at Halloween as a Harry Potter impersonator. If I’m honest, I felt a little silly. Although I understand why TikTokers extend concealer to the temples, it lifts and contours the skin, similar to reverse contouring, where darker tones are used over lighter shades. However, I was a bit confused by the idea of applying product to my bridge. But I trusted the process, so I used Huda Beauty’s Basic B Sponge to blend.

The result? My makeup looked much more professional-like. It’s more concealer than I normally use (and I wouldn’t put it on my eyelids), but the consistency it provided gave my skin a uniform look. My undereyes didn’t look greasy or different from my rest of my face. There have been many paparazzi photos of celebrities with white triangles under their eyes. This is because their makeup artist used too much concealer and powder. This blended seamlessly into my foundation and focused on the areas that I needed.

Although I was skeptical about the concealer being applied to my nose bridge, it helped pull the look together and covered the dark shadows in my inner corners. Although I am not using eyeshadow in the selfie, I have tried it again before going out and can confirm that concealer is a better foundation than eyeshadow primer which can feel silicone-like. Applying a layer of cream concealer to each lid acts like Velcro, and increases the intensity.

Yes, it seems like TikTokers are constantly inventing new ways to apply makeup. But this isn’t so absurd after all. Judging by the number of comments and likes, TikTok’s makeup community is sold. This hack is perfect for anyone looking to find teh optimal way to apply concealer.

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