TikTok is right – Everyone should dress like the main character

3 women in white and teal dresses standing on white sand during daytime

TikTokers are wearing their best main character outfits and we have thoughts

This is a safe space. We can all admit to dreaming of the feeling of being a star in this movie about “life”. Not just any character. It’s not the Cher to Clueless or the Regina George to (but hopefully more likable), the Lara Jean and To All The Boys That I’ve Ever Loved. This is the basic idea behind TikTok‚Äôs #MainCharacter trend. It isn’t a central part of a wardrobe aesthetic by itself. But Fashion TikTok can do what Fashion TikTok does best. Now, in a spinoff of the trend, TikTok creators are showing off their best #MainCharacterOutfits, and you have to admit, it’s a pretty effective way to have fun with fashion.

woman in green orange and yellow dress standing near window

Although the entire trend is now known as Main Character Syndrome, creator says it can be an inherently narcissistic concept. However, it can also serve to romanticize or appreciate your life. The #MainCharacterOutfit trend is all about dressing up to be the center or wearing what makes you feel confident. Prints! Many of us feel the need to dress in such a way. This is how it looks in action TikToker needed a fur-lined cardigan, while for a, a hot pink, puffy-sleeved organza top and for a school-girl plaid skirt.

3 women in white and teal dresses standing on white sand during daytime

Many of us virtually spent the last year in a sweats uniform of sorts, so this feels like an apt time to pull out the creme de la creme, whether for a dinner date, a grand event, or just to pretend you’re the prime focus while ordering coffee at your local cafe. Anyone who’s ever wished to be Carrie Bradshaw (The Oscar de la Renta dress in McDonald’s)?

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