Three Transitional Hairstyles for Late Summer and Early Fall

woman in pink blazer standing near green plant

Sometimes you feel you need a haircut but really you just want a new style. You don’t actually want bangs you just want your hair to look different, maybe more interesting than it does at this very moment.

So, it’s worth first digging into your box of headbands and scrunchies, thinking beyond your routine claw-clip bun. There are many hairstyles to choose from, but these are the most popular for August.

Scroll down to see them all. You can try pigtail braids or style that padded headband you lost. You can wear your favorite style right through the heatwave. You’ll look stylish and avoid any post-chop regrets.

Gossip Girl Headband

Chalk it up to the Gossip Girl reboot: Since the show aired we’ve seen a steady influx of influencers, like Chillhouse brand founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, bringing the Blair Waldorf headband back to the streets of NYC.

woman in pink blazer standing near green plant

You can still use Olivia Culpo’s latest vacation hairstyle, topped with a classic padded headband, to inspire your August staycation style.


If we’re talking summer “loungewear” hairstyles, Zoe Kravitz nails it by styling her braids in a simple half-up ponytail tied with a cream-colored silk scrunchie.

woman wearing multicolored blouse and braided hair

If you have natural texture, like Andrea Baldrias, the ‘half up bun’ is another option. This style allows your curls to have a moment while pulling your hair back.

Pigtail Braids

Outer Banks star Madison Bailey recently wore pigtail-style fishtail braids and all of a sudden, we wanted to wear pigtail braids, too.

You might also consider styling your own pigtail braids, like Lily Aldridge’s: with an ice-cold drink in hand.

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