These stretchy flares are only available in two sizes, but they fit all 8 body types

woman in white jacket and blue denim jeans standing beside brown brick wall during daytime

The initial Le One collection, a line of skinny jeans that offer enough versatility and give in just two sizes (sizes 1 and 2 respectively) was a hit. How could six different sizes of pants be made to fit different bodies? The November 2020 skinny was a huge success and has inspired a new cut with the same sustainable quality. Frame created a flare for the new, which includes wide leg slacks.

woman in white jacket and blue denim jeans standing beside brown brick wall during daytime

The company designed a silhouette with a high waist that is meant to lengthen the leg, and is shoppable in two colorways: Keller and its dark-wash alternative, Larsen. The Le One was designed with the idea that our bodies change naturally and that your wardrobe should adapt to that. This is especially true if you are investing $238 in quality denim that will last for many years. It also makes it easier to shop online if you are in between sizes, or if you generally wear a wider range depending on which retailer. Frame’s Le One Flare makes it more likely that you will get the right size, with only two options.

When eight our editors put these flares to the test, we exchanged notes and confirmed that these jeans are stretchy, comfortable, and flattering, so if you haven’t had success with flares, or any denim for that matter, these are the ones to try. The 34.5″ inseam means that shorter women will need to have these jeans hemmed. It’s not possible to make clothes that are universally flattering in two sizes, so be sure to factor in the extra tailor cost at checkout. These jeans are a keeper, and we don’t regret adding them to our cart. Read eight customer reviews on Frame’s revolutionary Le One Flare, and then click through to the website if you like what you see.

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