These holiday campaigns will grab customers’ attention

These campaigns and collections are being launched by fashion brands, apparel producers, and retailers to celebrate Christmas.

With slogans such as “Happiness belongs only to us,” “Your Style. Your Sound”. They place themes such as community, returning to normalcy, and sustainability at their core of campaigns like “Your Christmas” and “Coming home for Christmas.”

Images and videos show yearnings that result from pandemic days. Brands make reference to the hardships people have experienced this year. The campaigns also celebrate special moments during Christmas.

Extraordinary moments

Zalando uses emotional images to “celebrate personal moment of joy and happiness” in its video campaigns, according to the Berlin-based online retailer.

The TV spot features people sharing emotions with one another, whether as a couple or with their family.

Peek & Cloppenburg, a German clothing retailer uses a similar approach to Christmas, focusing on special moments and feeling of community. The title is “Your Style. Your Sound”. The company explained that the goal of “Your Christmas” is to “celebrate Christmas as you like it.” Through a new version “Jingle Bells”, the campaign promotes unity and togetherness.

Marc O’Polo, a clothing brand, presents a Christmas initiative this year with less glitter and calmer colours. The label’s new branding strategy focuses on sustainability and the environment, which is in line with its new brand identity. The theme of sustainable travel is represented in the capsule collection “Coming home for Christmas – Travel lightly”. Every purchase also supports climate projects.

Photo: Primark

The collection features outerwear, tops and pants as well as shoes, accessories, and shoes in a Scandinavian style. The label collaborated with Native Union, a tech accessories manufacturer, and Sprekenhus, a cosmetics company.

“The pandemic made the mundane extraordinary. To visit family, friends, places of longing, or for business purposes. Holidays, public holidays and special occasions are not excuses for traveling. It is no longer an option to travel. We are changing the way we travel and are now asking ourselves how we impact our environment by taking flights, boat trips, and traveling by train. Marc O’Polo stated that we want to celebrate travel in an entirely new way. We want it to be more sustainable and conscious.”

Festive mood

Numerous fashion retailers and brands have launched extensive Christmas collections in addition to their festive campaigns. They are expanding their business beyond the core of their core businesses by launching products like ornaments for Christmas trees, candles, and festive decorations.

Primark, an Irish textile discounter, has created calendars, baking tools, games, and gifts for pets in preparation for the winter season. Primark’s red-and-green Christmas sweaters have been updated with calendars, baking utensils, and games. Max Mara, a fashion label, has also created cushions, brooches, and pendants for Christmas trees.

Hugo Boss, a German fashion brand, shows its Christmas spirit by using lots of glitter and gold. This collection features festive pieces such as elegant blazers, dresses and sleeveless shirts. It also includes comfortable looks with a touch extravagance thanks to sequins or shimmering wool.

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