These are the Top 5 Trends in Hair Colors for Fall 2021

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The beginning of September can help you see things in a new light. Fall’s semi-official beginning is a time for reflection and planning.

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September is the best time to make an appointment at a hair salon. Make your hair reflect your energy. The options for your hair will depend on your hair texture and type, but the color trends are easier to define. Things are brighter this season than ever before. Lowlights are passé. This season’s top trends include blonde, copper, gold and even a “party highlight”, which you can wear with your friends, or to look cute on a date with your Netflix queue. Scroll down to see the top 5 trends in hair color.

Copper Red

Red hair is a popular choice for celebrities like Joey King and SZA. Grace Van Patten’s stunning, muted, or “medium spicy,” copper looks great against a dark, natural eyebrow.

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Solar Blonde

Vogue Fashion Contributor Liam Hess coined the term “wellness influencer blonde” following Lorde’s “Mood Ring” video. The blonde shade is similar to a yellow-tinged sun blonde, according to Billie Eilish, Kesh and other creatives.

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Money Piece

Your “money piece” highlight is like a ring light for hair. These tiny, blonde strands frame the face and add brightness to a monochrome color hair without needing to cut it or spend hours in the salon.

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Golden Brunette

A subtle warm lift would look natural on dark-brown or black hair. Kristen Noel Crawley, KNC Beauty founder, created names this shade golden brunette.

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Party Highlights

Clip-in highlights were popularized by Addison Rae and Olivia Rodrigo. L.A. hairdresser Kiley Fitzgerald designed her own line in color clip-ins. They are available in deep cherry and dragonfruit pink. A set can be purchased at Claire’s or Amazon. You can also choose to crimp your party highlights, although this is not required.

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