These 6 Y2K Trends are a Fashion Favourite

woman in brown strapless top standing in front of plants

Trending simultaneously are tube tops, trucker caps, and belly chains. What is 2003?

Much to the dismay of some millennials who, two decades on, still have low-rise-jean-induced nightmares, the time has come to accept the fact that the hip-baring garb of 2003 is back en vogue. Low-rise jeans aren’t the only fashion trend for Y2K in 2021. The sartorial era of short hemlines and shorter fly zippers has been criticized. Those who aren’t averse to fashion’s vicissitudes have hoped they wouldn’t see another Von Dutch trucker cap again. After Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Dua Lipa were seen looking extra in Jawbreaker, it is now that we can only welcome back the candy-colored trends.

We don’t have to accept Y2K’s influence on our wardrobes. However, that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten the shaming of the era’s fashions. The industry’s most prominent dressers chose aesthetics over utility for a decade after the dawn of the millennium. They wore chain belts that didn’t keep their pants up, and tube tops that required nipple petals, and rolls of boob tape. Twee butterfly motifs and monochrome skirt sets were two other trends that dominated the early aughts. They were loved or hated by enough people to warrant their current revival.

You can celebrate or mourn the return to fashion of the ’00s by taking a trip down the memory lane and scrolling through some of the most bizarre, but sometimes the worst, trends from the Y2K era. They’re becoming mainstays in modern times slowly but surely. They will be definitely worn by you.

Despite the fact no one with a bra size beyond a C cup can wear a tube shirt without making significant effort to keep their chest in the strapless silhouette (and they pose a different problem for those with curves), the going-out top, once loved by Sex and the City of Carrie Bradshaw and J.Lo, has been able to ride the Y2K train back into fashion’s good graces. The boob tube has been seen on Beyonce and Kendall Jenner as well as Bella Hadid.

woman in brown strapless top standing in front of plants

Fashion-conscious people have had enough of restricting their jewelry collection for the past year. Many are now following the lead of Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, who have made recent appearances with a chain belt and belly bauble on Olivia Rodrigo. They’re opting for waist jewelry, which, although NSFW, will raise the heat on their ‘fit more than any pair statement earrings.

woman in black knit cap and red scarf

Paris Hilton and Ashton Kutcher, both of Punk’d-era Ashton Kutcher’s love for the cap style, have returned to their favorite spot on the heads. Today’s trucker caps aren’t subtle, just as they were not two decades ago. We are blinded by the highlighter colors and logos that have been embroidered in a lot of styles that we’ve seen so far, both from newcomers like Beepy Bella and more established labels such as Von Dutch or Ed Hardy.

man wearing gray cap looking down

High-rise and mid-rise jeans can be hard to resist. They are structured and durable and don’t require you to tug at the belt loops every step. Low-rise jeans on the other side check a few boxes. Some don’t even bother to include belt loops at any point. Belt loops are not possible when the zipper is less than two inches long. The 2002 Kids’ Choice Awards featured Bynes. The denim style that we all promised we would never wear again is actually on the rise. With #lowrisejeans getting over 61,000,000 views on TikTok, and celebrities like Rihanna and Sophie Turner jumping on board, it’s clear that the denim style we once vowed we would never wear again is actually on the rise. Be careful.

woman standing wearing jeans and white top

Although it is less common than the other trends, butterfly mania is still a memorable aspect of the Y2K era. Salma Hayek and Mariah Carey both wore Emanuel Ungaro’s sequin butterfly top, which was part of his couture ’00 collection. The delicate winged creature is still very much present today. Think of Billy Porter’s transformation-themed Hogan McLaughlin look at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards, and Dua Lipa’s custom Versace naked gown from the Grammys. Blumarine, a TikTok favorite brand, included a variety of butterfly-related clothes in its nostalgic-inducing fall 21 collection. *Cues “Butterfly” by Crazy Town. *

woman in gray floral dress

You’re probably on TikTok if you haven’t seen the many videos that show Hailey Bieber wearing her lilac-colored micromini set, which she wore while on her recent trip to France. It seems like it’s a celebration for a summer look. Did you know that Beyonce made the monochrome look trendy almost two decades ago, back when Mrs. Bieber wasn’t Hailey Baldwin? It’s Beyonce, after all, who did it first.

woman in red and white tube dress

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