The US B2B Marketplace Faire has expanded to 15 European countries

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Faire, a B2B marketplace, has been connecting independent entrepreneurs in Canada and the United States for four years and two years respectively. It is now expanding to Europe and continues its rapid growth. Faire Marketplaces were launched in the UK and Netherlands in January. They were well received by the public.

Faire has grown in popularity and is now available to purchase in 15 European countries. Apart from the four above, Faire is also available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. After opening offices in Brazil, Canada, and the UK, 600 employees joined the company in London.

“We understand that selling in new countries can seem daunting for brands. Faire explains that their goal is to make selling products in France, Germany and other EU countries as easy and as successful as possible.”

It will provide incentives such as free shipping to European retailers through Faire Direct. Additionally, Ship with Faire handles US brand shipping logistics. There are 60-day payment terms as well as a special 90-day deal.

Faire offers 500 US dollars in cash incentives to any European brand that refers to the site. There is also a guide to selling internationally that covers VAT, customs and other issues. Additionally, Faire offers a toggle button that allows US brands to adjust EU-specific pricing or minimum order settings.

Faire was established in San Francisco by Max Rhodes and Marcelo Cortes in 2017. It has since grown to include 30,000 brands and over 250,000 retailers. Faire raised 260 million US Dollars in June to increase its valuation to close to 7 billion US.

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