The overshirt is the item of the Week

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What it is:

The overshirt, also known as “shacket”, combines the warmth and comfort of a jacket with the structure of a shirt and the sharp look and feel of a shirt. It is perfect for all occasions. It can be worn as a shirt, or as a jacket. In the last couple of years, it has been a major runway staple and has won the admiration of both men and women in all styles.

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It’s why you’ll love it:

Comfort has been the focus of all collections for the past few seasons. However, customers still want styles that are both stylish and comfortable to wear every day. The overshirt is practical and versatile. It can be worn with almost any outfit. You can find it in a variety of fabrics and shapes, including oversized flannel or fitted denim versions. This makes it an easy choice for anyone year round.

We’ve seen it everywhere:

AMIRI showcased an oversized style of denim in deep indigo with matching trousers. Shang Xia chose a bright pink tone and layered it over a matching long-sleeve shirt. It was re-issued at IRO in a loose fitting and with a camouflage print. It was also seen in many menswear collections, including Marques Almeida’s bi-colour denim collection and Boss’ tan flannelle style.

woman standing beside pink brick painted wall

How to style it

Jack & Jones’ version of the trend is more softened – their overshirt is made of smooth cotton-corduroy. It comes in a light pink shade and will look great with either khaki cargo trousers, or grey denim. Sissy-Boy also chose cotton-corduroy, but the style is oversized and will go well with leather leggings. The Q/S designed one is made from cozy white fleece. Customers can wear it with a complete white look to add light and interest during the winter months. Lacoste’s menswear collection includes an overshirt that can be worn alone or layered. Its navy and emerald-green checked pattern looks great with a smart button-down or black sweater.

The overshirt is both practical and stylish. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn in layers and in warmer seasons. The overshirt has been redesigned in a variety of fashionable styles in recent years, so it will likely be a staple in the coming seasons.

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