The Muses from Hercules have nothing on Lizzo and Cardi B’s Sexy Outfits In “Rumors”

angel statue near green trees during daytime

If you haven’t heard of Disney’s Rumors, take a look at their official audition. The musical duo channeled the Greek goddesses to the production, wearing sexy outfits to rival the Muses’s figure-hugging gowns and dripping in gold head to toe.

angel statue near green trees during daytime

The “Rumors” video kicks off with in a shimmery, toga-like dress styled with a smattering of jewelry and metallic sandals with shin protectors, a la Hercules. Cardi B dances and struts in front of larger-than-life vases. As she scrolls through seemingly endless scrolls, she wears a custom-made gold breastplate, arm cuff, massive Schiaparelli earrings, a white skirt by and Monika Chiang heels.

brown wooden heart shape wall decor

But wait, there’s more! Cardi and the rest of their video show us completely new outfits to seal their goddess status. Lizzo wears a transparent, crystal-embellished bodysuit with gold sandals. She also has an elaborate headpiece. Cardi is wearing a two-piece, gold-plated set that includes a body chain and pieces of fabric. She also has gold lace-up heels with tiny gold statues. This is extraordinary attention to detail!

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