The in-store experience is being reinvented by Digitisation

woman in black long sleeve shirt standing in front of clothes

The State of the In-Store Experience 2021 Report has been released. It found that 48% of shoppers still prefer to shop in-store.

Bobby Marhmat (CEO of Raydiant) outlined in an article what brick-and mortar stores can do to compete with their online counterparts.

Even if all other factors are equal, physical shopping still has an appeal that ecommerce doesn’t. Convenience plays a role in whether a customer chooses to shop online or in store. Online shopping is also efficient and time-saving, which adds to its appeal.

Online shopping is faster and more convenient than brick and mortar shops, according to shoppers.

Therefore, a customer’s shopping experience is getting more digital. Customers love self-checkout, with 88% saying it is a quicker way to purchase goods.

Additional convenience-driven features like curbside pickup, in-app buying, online ordering, and in-store pickup make shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers.

Personalisation is another key factor that will influence a buyer’s decision to shop online.

75% of shoppers felt uncomfortable about their online and in-store shopping history. However, 42 percent said they were unable to buy if there was not enough personalisation.

Customers will associate the store with savings by having access to personalized discounts. Brands will benefit from clearly defined privacy policies.

Marhmat writes that the lines between ecommerce and in-store retail are shrinking. “Those who will be the dominant in-store retailer in the next decade will strike a smart balance between increased digitisation and the timeless appeal of the in-store experience.”

woman in black long sleeve shirt standing in front of clothes

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