Sali Hughes: find out the most long-lasting lipstick

woman in red manicure and gold ring

Amazing staying power and a budge-proof color – I’ve never seen anything like it. As much as I miss lipstick (and a hundred other things I will never again take for granted), I plan to keep my lower face covered until we’re further out of the woods. I also realized that patience is not my main characteristic. So I began to look into long-lasting, budge-proof lipsticks. It worked. Colour me converted.

woman in red manicure and gold ring

DAYLONG MATTE LIPSTICK PS17 is, without question, the longest-lasting lipstick I’ve ever worn in my life. Portofino, a pink-toned mid-tone lipstick that I wore last week for a friend’s special occasion, was my choice.

people tossing their clear wine glasses

Two courses were consumed, two glasses of wine, one vodka, and tonic were consumed, and I chatted for over four hours. I took the late train back to my home, fell asleep in my glasses and lipstick and awoke with my eyes closed. The lipstick was still on and ready for the party. At 8 am, my lips looked as perfect as when the lipstick had been applied. The brand claims that it can last 12 hours. I would say twice as long.

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