Sali Hughes on her favorite fruit perfume

green leaf plant in glass jar

I’ve just had new cupboards built and, as I moved over my perfume collection a fortnight ago, I chanced upon and thought for a moment about why I ever abandoned such an extraordinarily beautiful and clever scent. This cult-favorite fragrance was all figgy, vernal and my go to perfume in the early 2000s.

green leaf plant in glass jar

It received more compliments than any other. It was difficult to identify at first, but Philosykos’s unique beauty and devotion soon led to a number of mass-market fig perfumes. These products tested my tolerance for migraines. They missed the point of the original, and were too sweet and sticky. There was less ripening fig tree, so there was more Glade plug in. My nose was shut down to figs, but I have since reconciled to my ex-love and decided to reopen my eyes to find worthy tributes.

yellow and white plastic bottle

I’m delighted I did, as some growing up has been done and many of the syrupy fig scents have fallen, rightly, by the wayside. Roger & Gallet’s perfume is one of my favorite under £30 scents (£16.90 for 100ml), created for the house by celebrated perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, whose eponymous projects can cost you 10 times as much. Fleur de Figuier is light, refreshing, citrusy, lemony, and a bit fizzy. It’s like a fig placed in a glass of Pimms. It is a remarkable value for something so bright, nonsticky, and heavenly smelling.