The beauty trends for 2022: ‘Beauty By Numbers’

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Global beauty is going through a radical transformation. This is both to respond to the crisis and also to challenge outdated norms and embrace technology. The industry that includes fragrance, skincare and personal care, and colour cosmetics is worth 500 billion dollars has had to adjust to changing consumer expectations and new values. Companies like Perfect Corp can provide valuable insight into consumer preferences and recognize trends. Brands that are open to listening can benefit from the vast data.

Perfect Corp’s annual Beauty by Numbers Report highlights the digital transformation occurring in the industry. Perfect Corp cites how consumers are more reliant on AR and AI-powered digital tools, and how virtual try-on experiences are becoming more popular than ever. Consumers continued to use digital experiences for product inspiration and beauty advice, with billions of virtual product trials being observed in its YouCam app community.

makeup palette box

Demand for personalized skin care

Personalized customer shopping experiences and product recommendations are essential in beauty shopping. Consumers want to find recommendations that meet their specific needs. YouCam’s personal Skin Score Tool was used over 40 million times in this year.

Eyes on the Rise

Eye makeup was the most popular product category for the second consecutive year, with more than 3.7 billion virtual tryons.

After a drop in lipstick sales through 2020, virtual lip colour try-ons have been on the rise. This is because consumers used face masks and chose low-maintenance beauty regimens during the pandemic. YouCam app users logged in to More than 2.5 billion times this year for lip color suggestions. Consumer data analytics show that high shine lip colors and glosses are becoming more popular as we enter 2022.

AI + AR Tools to Increase Purchase Confidence

Perfect Corp says that AI and AR technologies are essential in helping brands provide customized beauty shopping experiences to help consumers make better purchase decisions. Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp, said, “We are thrilled to share the “Beauty by Numbers”, consumer data report. This report uses big data from YouCam to identify key consumer insights that can be used to help beauty brands adjust their strategies for a successful 2022.”

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