The 90s skirt suit is back and it’s shorter than you remember

man and woman walking near fountain

The Chanel skirt suit has not seen much change since its introduction to the fashion world in 1920s. The two-piece set, which was long considered the pinnacle of ladylike fashion, received its first overhaul in the 1990s when Chanel (with Karl Lagerfeld at the helm), redesigned it for the MTV era. The designer sent out tweedlooks with leather gloves, belted chains & fishnets for the spring 1993 collection. Celebrities like Princess Diana and Naomi Campbell updated the look by pairing it with black stockings, over-the knee socks, and cinched waist belts.

If the spring 2022 runways show, the skirt suit has undergone yet another transformation. This time the makeover is marked by shorter-than-ever-before hemlines and risque slits that would make ladies who lunch clutch their pearls.

Contemporary brands have taken liberties with what was once considered conservative styling this season. New York’s Sandy Liang showed a light pink neoprene version with a lopsided hemline, which the recent Target collaborator delightfully paired with sneakers. Versace had a black patent leather version with a shorter skirt that could have been worn as a dress. The look was paired with Bratz-like platforms more suited to a nightclub than for a luncheon. Miu Miu showed a collection of Y2K-era, micro-mini, midriff-baring, skirts with unfinished hemlines and preppy blazers, that only students at .Constance Billard . would wear beyond the school’s entrance.

This movement follows other dress code-busting trends that have emerged, like the blazer, which is also undergoing .a NSFW transformation .of its own. This trend also fits in with the great shrinkage in fashion where no hemlines can be cut. The suit is a better option than the skirts made of barely-there fabric and tops that reveal the arms (a la Kim Shui).

Now, where can you find this trend?

The skirt suit was a classic piece of clothing that could be worn for afternoon tea get-togethers and fundraising committee meetings in the past. (See: Emily Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls or Bunny MacDougal, City). However, the spring 2022 version can be worn at any time from a night out to a brunch. Designers have shown skirt suits with bralettes or crop tops. This modern style is perfect for turning the mini skirt suit into a nightwear outfit. For a casual Saturday brunch with friends, you can pair a two-piece in a more casual fabric like leather or neoprene with a casual shoe like a sneaker, or flat boot.

It doesn’t matter where you wear the modern skirt suit. It’s likely it will be too short for office dress codes. Who wants to go there anyway?

man and woman walking near fountain

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