The 15th Afrik Fashion Show celebrates four generations Ivorian designers

woman wearing necklace and tube dress

Abidjan – The fifteenth edition of the Afrik Fashion Show will be held. It will focus on the theme “Made in Ivory Coast”. The occasion saw the presentation of fifteen collections by designers representing four generations.

Fatim Sidime, a confident and charismatic woman, made her way onto the podium at the ‘Palais des Congres de l’Hotel Ivoire’ on Saturday, 6 November 2021. Afrik Fashion 15’s model and muse, Fatim Sidime has been seen on every poster announcing the event in the capital for many weeks.

The Afrik Fashion Show returns for its fifteenth anniversary after a temporary suspension due to the pandemic. The ‘Made in Cote d’Ivoire’ exhibition will be the highlight of the show. During the evening, four generations of Ivorian designers are going to be exhibiting. “It was important that we chose the best from each generation and put them all together on one podium. I’m taking this benchmark as Pathe’O, a designer who began in Ivory Coast this year, is celebrating his 50th anniversary. The show founder Isabelle Anoh said that his talent and experience make him one of the most respected designers in any generation.

The famous designer Pathe’O created a collection for both men and women to mark the occasion. “This collection is completely white, unlike my previous collections. This idea was given to me by Gilles Toure. In his acceptance speech, the designer stated that it was a way to mark my 50th birthday. The Ivorian Ministers of Tourism and Foreign Affairs and Promotion of SMEs and Crafts awarded Pathe’O a Bronze Elephant as a tribute to his extraordinary career. He was also accompanied by several celebrities, including Caroline Dasylva (TV host) and Anzata Ouattara (writer).

Ivorian designers showed their latest collections to fifteen people. For the “Seniors”, generation, Ciss St Moise and St Joe, Etienne Marc, Pathe O, Michelle Yakice, and Pathe O. Anderson D, MB Design and Momoche, Tim Creation and Patrick Asso for the “Juniors”. Franck Gnamien and Modeste Ba, Yohou Couture for the “Cadets”. Michael Trah and Diamond Couture are responsible for the “Benjamins”.

Michael Trah surprises with his “Precious stone” collection

woman wearing necklace and tube dress

One designer stood out in this new generation: Michael Trah. He was able to capture the attention of the crowd through the applause. He presented his collection, “Pierre Precieuse”, at just 27 years old. The designer explained that the collection is a nod towards women. The outfits in the collection are like a jigsaw puzzle. When put together, they bring out the brilliance and beauty of the precious gemstone that is women. Michael Trah began his career in Port Bouet, Nigeria as a tailor. He then went on to study in Nigeria. In 2020, he founded his own brand back in Ivory Coast. After his first appearance at MASA Mode 2020, the young designer created a stir at the second show. My creations were met with enthusiastic cheers by the public. After this show, I hope to be a well-known international artist.

Promote Ivorian fashion

Afrik Fashion Show is a place where designers can gain fame. Isabelle Anoh says that while we may not have the money to make a financial contribution, this recognition allows them to market and earn money. Twenty Ivorian brands were allowed to display their products in the Palais des Congres.

It’s no longer “Afrikfashion Week”, but “Afrik Fashion Show”

The 16th edition of the Ivorian fashion show will change and be known as “Afrik Fashion Week”. It will include fashion shows, a sale and a scientific component. “Behind this show, we need to reflect on the future African fashion. Isabelle Anoh says that we need to identify unifying themes in order for fashion professionals to improve their collections and sell them internationally.

A graduate in marketing communication, the creator of Afrik Fashion Show was a businesswoman. She is also a TV presenter. “I started with a 13-minute fashion program called Tendance. The idea to launch a fashion show was then conceived. This would promote local creators and brands. We launched “Tendance Party”, which evolved into “Afrik Fashion Show” in the fifth edition. It was also our goal to make Ivory Coast the capital of African fashion. Isabelle Anoh hopes to establish a television-channel in the long term. “It’s an older project I have, and to create an African channel fashion, crafts, and tourism. However, I do not have the resources yet.”

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