Tencel has partnered with more than 40 brands to reduce carbon emissions


Tencel, a sustainable textile brand, has partnered over 40 brands and influencers at non-profits for the #MakeItFeelRight campaign to reduce carbon emissions.

The movement has already raised more than 7,500 pledges. It aims to support the global reforestation effort to save the planet. Every pledge leads to a tree being planted.

“Carbon emissions are a global problem that requires global solutions. We are proud to be a Tencel partner in the #MakeItFeelRight campaign. Tencel’s sustainability initiatives are supported by brands and driven directly by consumers.

Tencel has been supported by sustainable activists such as Xenia Adonts and Lily Cole, as well brands like Boyish, Reformation, and Lavender Hill.

Bodil Jane, an artist who has partnered with the brand to create artwork for this campaign, was also featured on the campaign’s website.

Jordan Nordarse (founder and CEO of Boyish) stated, “We couldn’t be happier to endorse such a thrilling, timely, and effective moment.” Boyish, an environmentally-friendly brand, has worked with Tencel for many years and appreciates the brand’s strong approach to sustainability and similar principles.


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