Swarovski signs a five-year agreement to Climeworks

Swarovski continues to build on its sustainability strategy by signing a five-year agreement for Climeworks, a world leader in carbon dioxide removal through direct air capture technology. This will allow Swarovski to reduce, remove, and offset its CO2 emissions.

Swarovski stated that the agreement with Climeworks to eliminate accumulated CO2 emissions is part of its coherent greenhouse gas plan to achieve its climate targets. Swarovski joined Science Based Targets in 2021 and pledged to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2, (direct and indirect emission from owned operations), by 47 percent, and scope 3 emissions (indirect emission from non-owned operations), by 28 percent by 2030.

Swarovski explains that a climate strategy without carbon reduction essentially means that you commit to polluting less today, but not clearing up any pollution that has been accumulated. “Reduction, elimination, and offset are all necessary methods to achieve the climate targets established in the 2015 Paris Agreement.”

Swarovski will “drastically” reduce and remove CO2 emissions through Climeworks

Swarovski announced that it will invest in more efficient manufacturing operations in order to lower its carbon footprint and source more sustainable materials. Swarovski, a crystal and jewelry manufacturer, is also implementing large-scale initiatives to positively impact transport and other steps in the value chain.

Michele Molon, Swarovski’s interim chair and chief executive, stated that in 2021 they strengthened their sustainability strategy and emphasized the important area of climate mitigation. We are firm believers that science is essential for understanding and creating change. To further our commitment, we have also joined the Science Based Targets initiative.

“By signing the carbon removal agreement with Climeworks regarding their CO2 removal technology we are continuing our journey to address one of our planet’s most pressing problems.”

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