Supreme announces a jewelry collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

green and white gift box

Supreme, a streetwear brand, has announced a partnership with Tiffany & Co. posted an Instagram photo revealing a range from their upcoming fall 2021 collection.

The line, called “Return to Tiffany”, is inspired by pieces that were first launched in 1960s.

The drop includes a Heart Tag Pendant, Oval Tag Pearl Necklace, and Star Bracelet. Also included is a Heart Tag Stud Earrings with Star Bracelet, Heart Knife Key Rings, Oval Tag Keyrings, T-shirt, and a Heart Tag Pendant. A variety of items are engraved with the phrase “Please Return to Supreme New York.”

The label on the post states that all pieces are sterling silver, and the pearl necklace was made using freshwater cultured pearls.

green and white gift box

The new collaboration was teased on the weekend via social media, with the new jewellery being worn by a young skater.

This is the moment that the iconic jeweller is re-establishing its market position after a series of hierarchical restructurings and the exploration of a new creative direction. These moves were triggered earlier this year by LVMH’s purchase of the label. The fashion conglomerate stated that its goal was to transform the iconic jewel house.

Lately Tiffany & Co. has been shifting the direction of the iconic label from the classic path collaborating with a number high-ranking ambassadors, including Hailey Baldwin and Jay-Z.

The Tiffany x Supreme drop is available on November 11. The Japanese release will be available at a later date, November 13.

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