SS22: 5 lingerie trends spotted at Interfiliere Paris

2 women in pink and white bikini

The trade show Interfiliere took place in Paris, September 3 through 6, and then switched to a digital version called ‘Connect’. It concluded last week. With its shows Riviera, Exposed, and Interfiliere Paris, it presented the top lingerie, swimwear, and sportswear trends for the Spring-Summer 2022 seasons. We identified five key trends in lingerie that will lead the season, from colours and prints to trims to fabrics. Our main takeaway? A need to feel well and optimistic, through environmentally-conscious choices, comfortable clothes, or bright colours.

2 women in pink and white bikini

Comfort is what you are looking for

Even though there has been a revival of dressed-up options after the pandemic, comfort will still be a major trend in people’s wardrobes for the next season. It’s important to choose pieces that are practical and easy to wear, but still look elegant and well-put-together. This includes velvet fabrics, stretchy knits, and polar fleece for loungewear. This trend, which combines femininity and wellbeing, has been fueled by new work-from-home routines as well as daily yoga, pilates, and meditation practices. With the help of soft first layers, this look is fluid and allows for movement.

You are looking for bold and vibrant prints and colours?

Bright colours will be in fashion by 2022’s spring/summer, but we’ll also see vibrant colors in lingerie and swimwear next season. New patterns and colour combinations are being introduced to embroidery and laces. We’re seeing bold colours and geometric shapes in lace and embroidery. Along with hand-drawn details and street art prints, many striped and yarn-dyed fabrics are sure to make an appearance. We’ll see an abundance of pajamas, loungewear, and lingerie that exudes positivity, enthusiasm, and playfulness.

woman in black and white polka dot long sleeve shirt and pink pants

An overwhelming feeling of nostalgia

Retro prints and vintage fabrics are updated for spring-summer 2022. We’ll be looking at lighter and softer versions traditional fabrics like eyelet embroideries and crochet lace as well as guipures, laces, and guipures. For those who are looking for timeless styles that appeal to their modern sensibilities, we have reintroduced classic vintage designs. Gingham and polka dots lead the pack when it comes to patterns and prints. Next are small florals and pastel combinations. This vintage enthusiasm is also reflected in deep reds and dark tones, along with ultra-delicate lacing that creates seductive drama.

An eco-conscious approach

In the spring and summer 2022, we’ll see more sustainable and eco-friendly options in lingerie and swimwear. Although it’s not easy to create a versatile and ethical wardrobe, a focus on quality and comfort will ensure that the trend continues. Recycled and eco-certified fabrics are available. Water-saving techniques and traceability are also essential. The trend is translated into lightweight, durable knits, cotton-laced pieces and multifunctional pieces. It is important to avoid waste by creating a loungewear and lingerie wardrobe that is both reliable and can withstand seasonal trends. Interfiliere’s “Indonesian Project” presented this circular collection of prototypes made by Indonesian partners. Mixing fashion-forward and style fabrics is possible, but only when you look at it from a conscious perspective.

A love of textures

The Spring-Summer 2022 focus will be on fabrics. Textures are an integral part the trends we are looking at, whether it’s metallic materials like lurex or laminated jacquards that add shine, or cutouts and 3-D effects. Knits can be embellished with sparkle and patterns printed outside of the seams. Lace options include two-tone palettes as well as embroidered and crochet effects. Exhibitor Maglificio RIPA showcased a new iridescent fibre which reflects light and highlights the subtleties within yarns. Fabrics come in a variety of new designs, including those that are waffled, pleated or crinkled, as well as those that have been laser-cut.

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