Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New Beauty Brand Helps Her Manage Adult Acne

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is best known for her fashion aesthetic, but beyond a perfected mirror-selfie stance and an enviable Bottega collection, her business passion is actually fashion and accessories’ next of kin: beauty.

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Huntington-Whiteley launched Rose Inc., her personal-curated beauty website, in 2018 because of her love for glossy editorial and the hours she spent in the makeup chair. Since then, the model-turned-brand-founder has been quietly lab-formulating her dream collection of beauty products to live under the Rose Inc. umbrella – and it’s finally here.

Huntington-Whiteley explained that the decision to launch a beauty brand was not her own, but rather a result of her followers’ requests. “Whenever I share anything beauty-related across my platforms, it got so much engagement,” Huntington-Whiteley explaines. “I wanted to have the opportunity to connect with this audience and community. I set out to find out if I could bring them an item line.”

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Huntington-Whiteley and Rose Inc CEO Caroline Hadfield worked together to create a “modern beauty brand” that was inspired by ready-to-wear fashion. She explains that she didn’t want to launch 50 products but wanted a narrow edit of the first six-piece collection. Future seasons will bring new innovations. “I feel that this is the modern way to launch a brand in 2021. We’re actually calling our first drop our Modern Essentials’ collection. It allows us to make each product exactly right.”

The Rose Inc. Modern Essentials collection includes Huntington-Whiteley’s everyday must-haves, including two skin-care products designed specifically to help clear and prevent adult acne. Huntington-Whiteley says, “I have had acne-prone skin all my adult life. So I’ve been on an endless quest to find out how to manage it. I’ve done my research over the years and these two products have given me the best results in a short time: an AHA toner followed by a gorgeous hydrating primer.”

woman in white towel holding mans hand

There are four products and two brushes for makeup. Huntington-Whiteley says that there is a cream blush, lip product, a brow gel and a concealer. She cites the concealer as her favourite product in the line. “I haven’t used any foundation since we locked down the formula. It has a chubby foot so I apply it all over my face to get coverage. Next, I blend the product with our brush. It blurs the skin beautifully, but leaves it looking just like your skin. However, it has a velvety luminosity.”

Rose Inc. can be pre-ordered now and will only be available in the US at,, and starting August 27th.

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