Robert Wun headlines exhibition at Scad Fash Museum

person holding plastic while standing on wall

Robert Wun, a London-born designer, was born in Hong Kong and is now the main exhibitor at Atlanta’s ScadFash Museum of Fashion and Film. His first exhibition, titled ‘Between Reality and Fantasy’, will be held at Atlanta’s ScadFash Museum.

This presentation features looks and pieces from all of the designer’s collections. It is a contemporary installation meant to show the futurism that is portrayed in his work.

The exhibition features a recent collection that uses pleating and precise cutting. This is reminiscent of his ancestral home’s natural qualities. Wun is a consistent observer of nature and uses organic forms and complex structures in his designs. His ideas are a result of both his curiosity about the future and his heritage. He is not influenced by preconceived notions regarding Asian identity.

Wun’s work was worn by many well-known celebrities like Lady Gaga and Solange Knowles, and has also been featured in several established publications such as Vogue and Paper.

The emerging designer also collaborated with Wong Kar-wai as he designed costumes for Hunger Games: Mockingjay in 2015.

The exhibition will run through April 24, 2022.

A Wun-designed installation, by Robert Fairer, a London-based artist and photographer, was also launched. “Backstage Pass: Dior Galliano, Jacobs, McQueen” aims to capture the essence of early 21st century runway shows via backstage and VIP photography. Fairer’s work will be displayed in this exhibition from both a visual as well as aural perspective. Through thousands of images, the archive recreates the glamour and behind-the scenes of shows.

person holding plastic while standing on wall

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