Rixo is a partner with Rotaro, a rental platform

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Rixo, a London-based fashion rental company Rotaro, has announced an exclusive partnership of six months with Rixo.

Customers will be able to rent Rixo party items, including the Lolita and Rhae, via Rotaro’s online portal starting November 1. The pieces will be available in various sizes and can be rented for 4, 8, or 12 days starting at 25 pounds.

Henrietta Rixo and Orlagh Mcloskey, co-founders of Rixo, released a statement about the partnership: “We always put the customer first, and we have heard from her that she wants to rent our party items. We love the idea of Rixo dresses having multiple wears in one season. This is possible by various #humansofrixo. We are excited to see the many events and experiences people will enjoy while wearing Rixos. It was a pleasure to work so closely with Rotaro’s team to create such a stunning edit. Party season is upon us!”

The move is part of Rixo’s sustainable initiatives, which have included introducing 100 percent recycled swimwear collection in June and comes ahead of its new sustainable denim collection launching in January 2022.

Georgie Hyatt is the co-founder and CEO of Rotaro. She said: “At Rotaro we exist to help fashion companies access their circular economy customers, extend their garments’ lifespans, and help our community experiment more with fashion. We are thrilled that Rixo chose us to be their fashion rental partner. This iconic British brand is a favourite in our community, and it marks the beginning for established brands entering the rental market.”

“Rixo is a brand that we admire because they don’t follow the usual trend-cycle but produce timeless clothes for everyone. We have created a stunning festive season collection together that is now available for rent through Rotaro only.”

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