Red Carpet Green Dress is a sustainable fashion option for the awards season

Red carpets are often criticized for being unsustainable and wasteful. Outfits are rarely worn again. Red Carpet Green Dress is one company that is working to make the red carpet sustainable. Red Carpet Green Dress was able to dress top entertainers in an eco-conscious fashion as the Oscars were held last night. Samata Pattinson, CEO of RCGD, shared some insights into red carpets going green, sustainability in fashion and the process behind naming brand ambassadors. Red Carpet Green Dress is promoting a more sustainable red carpet.

What is RCGD doing to make the red carpet more sustainable and long-lasting?

It’s not just about wearing sustainable gowns to the red carpet. It’s about education and awareness that will eventually influence the red carpet and designers’ approach. We invest in the next generation by investing in workshops, competitions, and internships for young designers. We partner with the Annual Academy Awards to promote innovative design solutions.

Why is red carpet fashion so important?

Red carpets are all about one moment. A look for an event like this requires a lot of effort and hundreds of hours. This moment is often the most talked about, but we believe it’s important to make that moment last longer while sending a powerful message.

How can you all educate the fashion industry about sustainability?

We believe in setting an example. We can only lead by example if we take the first step and make a difference. This goes hand in hand when we educate others about the topic and train those who will be the leaders of the future.

How can the fashion industry make formal wear more sustainable?

These global events have the greatest reach and must be sustainable fashion at its best. Fashion is a way to influence people’s personalities. The most important red carpet could have an impact on the viewers.

Are Hollywood stylists more open to the sustainability red carpet movement?

Absolutely! Every year, we work with sustainable stylists on different projects. It’s been amazing to witness the change and increase in the number of stylists who choose the sustainable route.

How can you select brand ambassadors for your company?

All of our ambassadors share one thing: they are agents for change. Paloma Garcia and Tati Gabrielle, this year’s ambassadors were supporters of sustainable and social initiatives.

How can you ensure that your red carpet fashion is sustainable?

To ensure sustainability, there are certain criteria that we follow. These criteria include reducing textile waste that does not negatively impact biodiversity, using certified eco-friendly, organic, and/or recycled textile materials, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. We also use low-impact or botanical dyes to make textiles. Our partner TENCEL supplies us with the best sustainable materials.

How long have you had your program in development?

RCGD was founded in 2009. It has been an incredible journey to see such change and growth. We want to inspire, grow, and bring together a larger audience that is ready to make a difference.

What other fashion areas is RCGD involved with, besides the red carpet?

There are many ongoing projects that we work on throughout the year. We partner with established and young sustainable designers.

How can you all educate the fashion industry about sustainability?

RCGD Global offers consultancy services and workshops for established and emerging designers. We are willing to go the extra mile to support the fashion industry’s sustainability goals.

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