Premiere Vision Paris reveals the key trends for Autumn/Winter 22-23

woman in yellow tracksuit standing on basketball court side

The trade show Premiere Vision was held in Paris last month. It highlighted the top trends for Autumn/Winter 2022/23. We analyzed the key themes of the season, and why they are particularly relevant for the modern consumer. This includes eco-responsibility, compelling textures, comfort, and daring designs.

Eco-responsibility, circular economy

In the autumn/winter 2022/23 season, there will be a greater emphasis on eco-conscious fabrics as well as a more responsible approach in production. Innovation is not just about products. It encompasses the entire lifecycle of products from design to packaging. The next winter season will focus on sustainability. While style is still the core of this season, it is becoming more conscious. Manufacturers, spinners, and weavers are updating their processes to ensure authentic sustainability. Premiere Vision created the concept of eco-ingenuity to address this new way of seeing fashion.


It’s all in the details

Many innovations start with product development. The next season will be a focus on textures and fabrics. They speak to our senses, and are designed with technical performance in mind. As new materials are introduced to the collections, sustainable innovations will not be overlooked. Think eco-designs and unique properties, as well as details that comply with ethical criteria. This trend is built on high-quality materials with innovative features. Premiere Vision mentioned common themes like’sumptuous authenticity, ‘architected beauty’ and essential opulence’.

Comfort meets style

Hybrids are a good choice at a time when consumers are still choosing between high-end loungewear or more casual looks. Premiere Vision noticed this trend growing, which combines style and practicality to fit our lifestyles. They are all about comfort and well-being. We’re talking about casual: we think oversized tailoring and comfortable structured jackets. Premiere Vision introduces the concepts of ‘alter couture and ‘offbeat Jacquards’ to the ‘Sport & Tech’ concept. Tech trend report.

Bold and hot

Powerful dressing is a must, no matter what style customers choose. Bold and bright details and daring styles are updated to add a punch and lift any casual or minimal outfit. With the help of mysterious color palettes and intricate craftsmanship details, joy is back in our wardrobes this autumn/winter 2022-23 season. Premiere Vision identified several topics that will be able to illustrate this trend. They are referred to as ‘golden power, ‘compulsively expressive, and ‘raw love’.

woman in yellow tracksuit standing on basketball court side

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