Peach & Lily’s new Lactic Acid Serum has changed my skin texture

If you’re feeling confident, raise your hand. Lily’s Glass Skin Serum rings a bell, and it is. It’s amazing stuff. Three years later, the K-beauty startup is back with a sophomore serum, the Power Cocktail Lactic Acid Repair Serum.

Peach & Lily says, “It’s the most requested product.” Alicia Yoon, founder and CEO (and esthetician), tells me about Zoom. We took our time as we wanted to create something as iconic as our Glass Skin refining cream. Enter: A light, skin-transforming serum that transforms skin. Continue reading to see how I tested this newcomer potion.

First Impressions

Exfoliating is the one thing that has made my skin glow. My skin is obsessed with lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which claims brighter and smoother skin. My favorite lactic acid topical is Sunday Riley Good Genes. Peach & Lily’s Power Cocktail serum was a product I was very excited about because of their previous successes. The texture was light and creamy, but not too runny. I loved it right away. It was absorbed quickly and had only a mild tingling sensation, which is not surprising considering the 10% concentration of lactic acid.

Yoon explains that lactic acid was chosen because it is resurfacing, works for sensitive skin and increases skin’s natural moisturizing elements. My skin felt smoother, softer, and plumper after I tried the product out several weeks before launch. Power Cocktail also contains the powerful botanicals red algae, black ginseng and probiotics that help to combat signs of aging, as well as support skin health.

Normally, I wait about a month to see visible results from a product. If it’s related to my acne-related hyperpigmentation, it could take months or even years. After replacing my nightly cream with Peach & Lily’s serum, I noticed a difference within a week. The tiny texture bumps that pimples had placed on my chin after I used the new serum was gone, and it felt great. My normally uneven complexion looked better after two weeks. It was only a matter of days that I had noticed a new zit gone. This meant that this stuff was helping me reach my skin goals without causing irritation or reactions.

Last Thoughts

Don’t think that this is just another skin-care product. Yoon says Power Cocktail is not just another product launch. “It’s probably my most personal product design process to date, because my mom inspired it,” Yoon, who suffers from eczema, told me. “We share a special bond about skincare. Growing up, she was always there to help me [my skin].” She is uniquely placed to create something for her mama, but it would also work for all beauty lovers.

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