Myya launches the first insurance billable after a mastectomy.

woman in blue and white bikini riding on bicycle during daytime

Officially launched Myya, the first direct-to consumer brand for intimates and prosthetics. Customers in the US can have their bras sized at home by certified mastectomy fitters thanks to Myya’s unique approach to post-mastectomy bra fittings. According to Myya, the boutique also emphasizes inclusivity in size, colour, and is the only online boutique that can directly bill customers’ insurance companies.

The brand currently stocks sizes A-O cups, and women can schedule an appointment through the telehealth app. Certified mastectomy fitters can help customers determine the best size, taking into consideration their preferences and where they are in their recovery.

woman in blue and white bikini riding on bicycle during daytime

Jasmine Jones, inspired by her grandmother’s battle with breast cancer and the lack of bra options after a mastectomy, founded Myya. Jones was the only Black woman in the world who raised more than 1 million dollars through venture capital. She developed Myya at Cherry Blossom Intimates.

Jones spoke out about the impact of the pandemic upon the brand’s personal-fitting program. He said, “When the Covid-19 epidemic hit, I was very worried that I wouldn’t have the ability to touch another customer. I wouldn’t know how to measure them, fit correctly, or give them the ‘best friend” our in-store shopping experience has to offer.”

Jones was inspired to start Myya’s online presence. A key area is the retention of Myya’s “luxurious, supportive environment”.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation will receive 13 percent of the proceeds. Brands have already pledged 25,000 dollars for this year.

Myya’s website states, “We know that going through major changes can be difficult, but we’re here for you to move forward.”

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