MM6 Maison Margiela reveals SS22 collection at MFW and new Eastpak collaboration

woman wearing black and white floral dress walks inside dark room

MM6 Maison Margiela’s new SS22 collection was presented in bold graphics and unusual accessories during Milan Fashion Week. It was held at La Belle Aurore bar.

The main feature of the line was a red and green version a mylar pattern chessboard pattern, printed over denim jackets or wool tailoring. The graphic print is also found on a jacket made from the gabardine coat last season, and a leather-look top that is completely shaped in the same style as the game board.

brown and white chess board game

Accessory add a surreal touch to the look with ruffle collars, yellow dish-washing-like gloves, and ruffle collars. These undertones are further reflected in a kraftpaper bustier and pleated calic ruff skirt. There is also a selection of evening dresses made in lining fabric with a visible rough edge.

This season’s MM6 Margiela collection was inspired by surrealist female artists, such as Dorothea Tanning and Claude Cahun. Surprisingly, these artists have inspired surprising additions like lavender teabag earrings or broken pearl chains.

woman holding clear glass bowl

According to the brand, “It all amounts a heightened view of the familiar, an displacement of the quotidian above the threshold of what is normal. It’s a celebration that simple pleasures such as a drink with friends or the snug fit of a leather jacket can be extraordinary events worth remembering.”

The luxury house extended its partnership with Eastpak to bring a new line of bags. As additional references to the season’s artistic muses, a faux fur-wheeled luggage bag and a reinterpretation MM6’s signature Japanese bag were included in the offering.

woman wearing black and white floral dress walks inside dark room

MM6 will offer a limited edition souvenir tshirt to complement the existing collection. The t-shirt was worn by members from the house and the locations team during the event. It features a small portion of the graphic print that is used in the new collection.

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