Milan Fashion Week SS22: Street style looks

woman wearing pink pants holding grey leather handbag

Milan Fashion Week just ended, and we already have the most popular street style looks.

This city is well-known for its high temperatures. However, Milan’s street styles aren’t just shorter than any others, but also, they have a lot of variety. Layers and stronger materials hint at autumn slowly creeping in. The looks are still hot. We have summarized the top trends from Milan’s street style this season.

Fire and flame

These looks are full of natural graphic spectacles that will make you a true star. This trend is exploding, whether it’s all-over lightning, fire prints on teshirts, trousers, and skirts, or integrated into a favorite band shirt. This style was very popularized in the 1990’s and 2000’s. It relies heavily on large pieces and layering.

black purple and yellow dog print crew neck shirt

Layering and shorts

Shorts can often be seen underneath long layers and show the legs. These can be combined with patterned tights to highlight the legs.

There are many styles to choose from, including sporty shorts and straight-legged trousers made of stronger materials. The combinations can also be very diverse. Cropped tops and oversized blazers are paired with long wool coats and turtlenecks with high necks. The colour of the clothes is not always consistent, but the pants are often kept simple in black or brown.

woman standing beside pile of logs during day

Large silhouettes

These pompous silhouettes can be seen not only on the catwalk, but also on the streets. The interplay of a tighter fitting at the top with a wider silhouette at its bottom is what fashion designers are emphasizing. This can be seen in maxi skirts, coats with a wider bottom, and puffy balloon dresses that flare below the waistline and become tighter at hem. Materials can vary depending on the garment. They may be light or stiffer fabrics, or firmer materials such as vinyl.

Cut-out details

In recent seasons, cut-outs have been a big trend, especially on the street, and are now back in Milan. You can see both smaller and larger details on spaghetti tops and dresses, as well as blazers. The striking thing about the recessed area, though, is that it is usually limited to one cut and works especially on the left side.

You can add asymmetry to this style, especially when it comes to dresses. You can expose one shoulder or highlight one leg by cutting out.

woman in red spaghetti strap top

Don’t forget the cold shoulder

Even without cut-outs on the shoulder, many wearers show it with elegant blouses or dresses. This is the highlight of the look. The restrained colours of brown and grey make it appear very simple.

Add some style to your outfit by adding big, statement-making gold chains or small earrings.


Scarves are a fashionable accessory that offers sun protection and can be used in conjunction with large sunglasses or necklaces. There are many styles to choose from: the knotted look under the chin, the convertible look where the scarf is wrapped over the shoulder, or the do-rag which is a tightly-fitting scarf that’s tied around the neck. These can be used to style and protect certain hair types.

Scarves can be worn with large outerwear, such as coats or ponchos. The wearers prefer monochrome headwear, which contrasts with more colourful outfits.

woman wearing pink pants holding grey leather handbag


You can create a statement look with the right shoes. In transitional seasons, over-the-knee boot are a great choice. You can combine them with an oversized jacket or blazer to make looks that are both warm and cool.

Variations of over-knee can be found from below the knee to above the thigh. Wearers have the option of wearing a variety of shapes and colours, including chunky black boots or brightly colored high heels.

women's pink skirt and gray knee boots outfit

Blue colour trends

Milan is particularly drawn to blue colour-wise this season. Pantone’s 2020 colour can be found in many styles and shapes. Wearers will not be limited to “Classic Blue”, the Pantone colour for 2020, but they will also embrace the entire Blue Palette, from light baby blue through deep navy blue.

When it comes to color combinations, women are not afraid to try new things. Tone-intone and wild-blue colour gradients are popular. Interplay with other colors, like purple and brown, is another popular trend.

This diversity is also evident in the selection of garments. These range from tops and shirts to jackets and coats. You can complete the look with accessories like shoes, headscarves, sunglasses, and fur collars.

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