LFW SS22: Vivienne Westwood

silver sedan parked in front of store

Vivienne Westwood, an English fashion designer, presented digitally her newest collection ‘Save Our Souls’ as part of London Fashion Week.

Spring/Summer 2022 saw Westwood return to her anarchic style with tartan pieces and mismatched prints. The label’s 1998 Tied To the Mast collection inspired pieces. They feature pirate-like details, Victorian-era corsets and elements by 1800’s couturier Redfern.

silver sedan parked in front of store

To set the scene, Vivienne said, “I was tied at the mast and my clothes went through a sea change.” Everything had to be secured or washed off a sailing ship in the event of a tempest. The children and women were brought to deck and tied to masts as the sea engulfed them.

The designer highlighted the use of recycled fabrics and reused fabrics as well as special wool from regenerative agriculture. This was in keeping with the many political statements that the presentation sought to emphasize.

The description begins with the statement “We don’t accept government devastation” which sets the tone for the display. Additional remarks revolve around war production, climate change, and unneccessary arm sales.

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Statement accessories were a highlight of the collection. Both mini and large branded bags stood out against the quirky apparel. Bulky necklaces, over-sized hats, and an oversized choker that said ‘Sex’ were among the collection’s selections. This could be a reference to Malcolm McLaren’s early days as a designer at Sex, his boutique.

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