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red white and black striped textile

Les Deux brand presents Rewear:

We have created a comprehensive strategy to support our sustainable development. It is based on three areas. Material strategy, conscious consumption, and responsible management. This strategy is an integral part of Les Deux’s future. It is a long-term process that is continuously optimized and refined to make Les Deux a more sustainable, responsible and sustainable organization. These three areas were chosen because they cover a broad range of topics and support our desire to see a sustained transformation in all areas of the company.

red white and black striped textile


This strategy aims to reduce the environmental pressures on natural resources by maximising resource consumption and reducing textile waste. This will require a change in both our purchasing and design processes. We will need to look at which textiles were left with which suppliers, and then how the design should look. Unused at the back of your wardrobe.

Les Deux’s design style has been focused on classic aesthetics and clean lines. However, persistence and flexibility are also important. These “slow consumption” qualities of durability help to create a sustainable use phase where the product’s utility is maximized. This is a counter-reaction against the industry’s dominant fast fashion practice.

The way we purchase and consume clothes is a key element of sustainable clothing industry development. Research shows that 30% of the clothes in our wardrobes haven’t been worn for at least a year and just sit there, unused. Our new Les Deux Rewear concept will address this problem. It will provide the framework for conscious clothing consumption and help us all contribute to a more sustainable sector. This platform allows us to recycle used Les Deux clothes. We clean, repair, and then send them on to new consumers, giving them new life. This extends the life expectancy of clothes and maximizes the use of resources. The clothes are also less likely to be thrown away.

Les Deux Rewear is a concept that promotes circularity. This means products are used as long as possible, and then recycled as much as possible after their end of life. This area of focus reduces the likelihood that total waste will be decreased, which is essential for transforming the clothing industry in a sustainable way.

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