Kontoor Brands publishes 2020 sustainability report

Kontoor Brands released their 2020 sustainability report. This report is the second in two years that the company has published a sustainability report.

This report provides information about the brand’s progress towards its sustainability goals. Its agenda is consistent with the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainable Accounting Standard Board standards and focuses on people and planet.

The report contains the information that Kontoor has cut its water consumption by 8 billion litres, since 2008, and it is likely to save 10 million litres by 2025.

Kontoor also sources 50 percent of its cotton sustainably and plans to use 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton in 2025.

By creating community development programs in selected factories in Bangladesh, the brand focused on sustainability’s social side. These programs provide education, clean water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities to local workers.

“Though our industry has faced considerable uncertainty over the past two years, this time we have used it to strengthen our resolve and set new goals – for people, products, and the planet,” stated Jeff Frye VP of procurement and product development at Kontoor Brands.

The report also highlighted the fact Kontoor is on track for using 100 percent of preferred chemistry by 2025 and is planning to issue a climate goal for greenhouse emissions in 2022.

Kontoor has many initiatives in its production chain. The brand partners with Business for Social Responsibility’s Herproject to focus on circularity and divert materials from landfills. This project aims to improve healthcare access for garment workers in Bangladesh.

Scott Baxter, board chair, president, and chief executive officer of Kontoor Brands, stated that sustainability is an integral part of Kontoor’s DNA. “While we are satisfied with the initial progress made, we know there is still much more we can do. We are determined to use our scale and purpose-driven approach to make meaningful environmental and social advances for all our stakeholders as we move forward.”

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