Is TikTok’s Sex Pillow Trick Really Effective?

woman in red dress lying on bed

Sometimes you come across a TikTok hack which changes your life. Perhaps you have made permanent changes to your beauty or skincare routine. Maybe a viral trend inspired your favorite breakfast recipe. The latest life-altering tip is simple but sexy. Grab a pillow next time you are hooking up.

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@sassyrededu2 best describes it: Keep your partner’s pelvis on a pillow if they ask you or place their hands on your pelvis. She writes one TikTok. They like a lift to enjoy their pleasure-giving times. She explains how to use the pillow in several comments and videos. You can have your partner face-up or face-down, and you can experiment with different firmness pillows. Pillows can be stacked to alter the angle.

The comments section of her post is divided between those who knew this tactic well and those who don’t know it at all. This isn’t just a pro tip from one sex expert. In the past few days, many people have posted on TikTok or Twitter to confirm that one or two pillows can be quite mind-blowing. One person on Twitter wrote, “This cheat code is so you DIDN’T know, learn it now.” Others have also demonstrated. Some commenters suggested that lifting your spouse can also have the same effect.

Is it able to enhance penetration sex? Most users agree it does. Unless the pillows elevate you to uncomfortable heights. Brands like Adam & Adam are available if regular pillows don’t work. Eve sells pillows that are specifically made to assist with a partner’s prostate or G-spot. Some pillows and cushions can even be used to support a vibrator, or dildo.

Although these pillows aren’t inexpensive, you may want to start with a regular pillow. However, customers seem very satisfied. One fan of Dame’s Pillo pointed out that a pillow can not only make sex more enjoyable, but can also make it easier for people who have hip, pelvic, or back pain.

woman in red dress lying on bed

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, an OB/GYN, and author of Let’s Talk About Down There stresses that this technique may not be suitable for everyone. Refinery29 reports that using a pillow to raise the hips can aid penis in vaginal sex. It can stimulate the anterior and possibly more of the clitoris. It’s important not to make too much of this. Every person is unique. One person’s experience may not be the best for another. It is all about you finding the right thing for you and having fun doing it.

This is to say that sex tips can be subjective and more personal than other TikTok trends and tricks. There are many ways to improve your sex, including interior design tips and hairstyle tricks. However, sex can be tailored to suit everyone. Dr. Lincoln says, “The best kind of sex is one that allows you to try new things, has a partner who is open and willing to learn, and doesn’t worry if a TikTok style doesn’t work for you!”

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