I dyed my hair “Medium Spicy” red – and I am obsessed

woman in orange tube top touching her chin

As of late, red seems to be the most popular color. Celebrities are abundant in inspiration. Everyone from Bella and Gigi Hadid to SZA and FKA Twigs have been wearing various shades of red, from blonde-adjacent strawberry to fiery copper braids.

woman in orange tube top touching her chin

Savanna McCown is the star of Hair Me Out’s week-end episode. She takes inspiration from pop-culture icons and artists to schedule a salon appointment for her long, dark hair. A unique shade of red that she describes as “muted”, and “medium spice.” She doesn’t want bleach to achieve that color.

This is a job for Dani Moon, a well-known L.A. hair colorist and owner of Hair Los Angeles. Moon is a specialist in multicolor transformations. He uses a unique creative-coloring method that does not use bleach to preserve the hair’s health and integrity.

This involves a quick strand testing. Moon blends three types of dye, a copper, pure red and a hi lift red with extra brightness, onto McCown’s natural brown hair. They let them process for a minute to two minutes. Moon can then determine the hair’s lift and decide which color will make her hair look natural.

After the strand test, Moon applies his custom-red dye to the hair and then adds pounds of foils. Moon describes his method as “When I don’t use bleach, I like coating the hair color with foils.” It adds heat to the hair and increases its color. The dye will continue for between 30-40 minutes until I am satisfied with its development. This will ensure that your hair is in its best condition.

After the color has dried, it is time to shampoo your hair and style it. Sachajuan conditioners and shampoos are great for colored hair. Moon suggests that they provide the right amount of moisture, smell great, and give hair a bit more weight after processing.” Moon says. The 6-in-1 Styler from Virtue is my favorite styling tool. It gives the hair some shine and texture as I blow dry it. The Healing Oil is also a favorite of mine. The oil is so strong that clients die when I apply it to them.

McCown finally gets to see her new-red hair. “I feel like Jessica Rabbit,” she exclaims. It’s medium spicy to death. It didn’t require bleach to achieve this shine. McCown says, “I am relieved that I didn’t have to bleach hair.” McCown says, “I was afraid I would have to bleach my hair because my hair is so dark. So to be able keep my hair healthy is incredible.” I am so excited to show my new hair off with my friends, and be the feistiest person at every Zoom chat.

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