Hollister launches a gamer training program with Fortnite champion Kyle Giersdorf

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American clothing brand Hollister announced that Kyle ‘Bugha” Giersdorf, Fortnite’s champion, has been named its chief gaming scout. The label also revealed it will be launching an innovative gamer training program.

Bugha, the brand’s first partner with a professional gaming figure, has been chosen to select emerging streamers for Team Hollister. This offers the chance to participate in the Twitch training programme. Participants will be able to stream live and receive mentorship from Bugha. Hollister will also sponsor them with a $10,000 sponsorship to help them reach their goal of becoming the next big gaming creator.

Kristen Scott, global brand leader at Abercrombie & Fitch Co., stated in a statement that “we’re always focused to meet our Gen Z customers wherever they are,” and that gaming continues its rise as a growing area of interest for global teens.”

She said, “We’ve been recently being successfully and authentically appearing in the gaming industry, especially with our Fortnite tournament last year. So we’re excited about the partnership with Bugha as well as the launch of Team Hollister.

person holding black digital device

Fortnite tournament for the apparel label was held in April with a collaboration between gaming agency Tripleclix, and esports operator Mission Control. Hollister gift cards, in game currency, and products from the All Day Gameplay collection were some of the prizes offered at this event.

Similar to Hollister, Bugha has collaborated to create a limited edition sweatshirt and hoodie set that is exclusively for gaming. This two-piece is now available at Hollister’s website and select stores. It features large pockets that can be used as snack bags and a hood that will fit a gaming headset. Bugha fans were able vote through Instagram to choose the design they liked before it was launched.

Bugha said that she is excited to be Hollister’s chief gaming Scout and to help with the launch of the gaming apparel collection. “It was a great experience to work with the team on custom apparel design that I am excited to wear and that other gamers will love. I cannot wait to show everyone what this partnership has in store.”

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