H&M launches Innovation Circular Design Story Collection

person putting right foot on black paint can

H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story collection focuses on circular production and sustainability. The H&M design team created the collection using circular design strategies and sustainable material. Ib Kamara, a stylist, also contributed to the creative advisory.

The H&M team uses the Circulator design tool to consider all stages of garment creation, including expected life, materials, and design strategy. This tool helps the brand create more circular and sustainable pieces for its collection. H&M plans to use the tool to design all of its products by 2025.

Repreve Our Oceans is a sustainable material that will be used in the collection. It is a fiber sourced from bottles found along coasts and shorelines. The collection will also include Resortecs and Vegea, which are dissolvable sewing threads made from grape skins and stalks as well as seeds that were discarded during winemaking. Cycora by Ambercycle is also available, made from recycled garments and textile waste.

People have preconceived notions of what circularity means. Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M said, “With Circular Design Story we wanted to show that it is possible design a bright, fashion-focused line with circularity in your mind.”

person putting right foot on black paint can

Rafael Pavarotti, a photographer, has created a series of images entitled Just Before the Party Starts to promote the collection. The campaign’s theme aims to capture the spirit of getting ready and the excitement that comes with fashion.

The campaign features previews of the collection by Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid. Each model has designed their own look, from a pink sequin dress with strappy sleeves made of recycled polyester to a tailored ensemble made using fibres from waste materials.

Fashion has the power of transformation, to enliven and to empower. Ella Soccorsi, H&M’s concept designer, said that this collection is a tribute and celebration to this special moment when you get ready to go out with your friends.

This collection was designed with ease in mind. The collection includes blazers and dresses as well as coats. This is to make it possible for you to wear them in many different ways. Modern, yet timeless, the design features polka dots and bows as well as tailoring, jacquard, and frills.

H&M Innovation Stories was launched in 2021 and focuses on sustainable materials, technologies, and production processes. The Science Story focused on sustainable materials; the Colour Story promoted sustainable ways to work with colour; and the Co-exist Story looked at animal-friendly fashion.

H&M will launch the Innovation Circular Design Story collection in select stores on December 9.

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