Highlights: Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

white concrete building under white sky during daytime

Milan brought upbeat positivity back to fashion as designers had fun on their return to the runways. While digital and performance art transformed presentations into must-see events. However, collections were still rooted in reality. While practicality and wearability were important, they never lost the joy that fashion can bring. Vintage references and artisanal touches ensured that the city continues to be a beacon of luxury and aspiration. London hosted Fashion Week for a second time, hosting a showcase that was unisex.

white concrete building under white sky during daytime


The first physical collaboration showcase between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons was a pair of simultaneous shows. Audiences in Shanghai and Milan were able to see Prada and Simons’ timely approach on femininity via a live stream. It was a mixture of historical references as well as classic womenswear codes such corsetry and bra cups. Modern womanhood was represented by the sleek lines, contrasting soft and hard fabric combinations, and short lengths.

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Jil Sander

Lucie Meier and Luke Meier, a Jil Sander couple, set out to find out why we purchase fashion and what the emotional and personal reasons are. The collection was infused with real-life connection and relatability thanks to this exploration. Customers looking for comfort and style will find the collection extremely wearable thanks to its loose, slouchy jeans, relaxed tailoring, and low-heeled shoes. The new optimism was reflected in a wider colour palette that included pastels, touches animal print, and sequin embroideries.


Francesco Risso, the Marni team, dressed not only their models, but also their audience in vibrant displays of upcycled cottons, hand-painted strips, bold primary colours, and naive embroidery daisies. Risso was disillusioned by the digital revolution and made the physical runway a concert, incorporating poets, singers, and a choir. The daisies and stripes symbolize new beginnings and resilience, while the long T-shirt dresses, ponchos and cardigans reflect everyday wardrobe needs with an artisanal twist.

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