Heritage Store, a US beauty brand, rebrands in the UK and introduces new products

Following a partnership with Superdrug, Heritage Store, a plant-based, vegan beauty brand, has rebranded.

Heritage Store, a company that is well-known for its rosewater products, has had its first rebrand in 50 years. It aims to capitalize on the growing trend for self-care and minimal, clean beauty products.

Tom Johnson, the founder of the brand, founded it in 1969. He quit his corporate career to find deeper meaning and inspiration from the Association for Research and Enlightenment (VABE) in Virginia Beach. He opened the Heritage Store to promote wellness products with low-ingredient ingredients that are good for the environment and people.

The brand’s “soul to skin beauty” approach remains at its core. Its signature Rosewater Mist only contains two ingredients. Damask rose oil for soothing and softening the skin, and Vor-Mag water to boost your mood.

The brand’s branding has been updated to make its products “appeal to the next 50 years,” highlight its product credentials, and attract a younger audience.

Image: Heritage Store

Heritage Store launches new products in UK and Superdrug is now a stockist

Maura Dick, Heritage Store’s chief marketing officer, stated at the UK launch that “our redesigned logo was designed to establish our credibility as being founded in 1969. This was not on the previous pack.”

“We have also improved our skincare credentials by having an explicit sub-line under product names with benefit callouts and key ingredients as well as skin type information.”

Heritage Store collaborated with multimedia artist StinaPersson to revitalize the overall design. The brand now includes watercolour-inspired rosewater florals and a sunset gradient watercolour on its other products.

Heritage Store has added clean, vegan and organic products to its range of rosewater products. The new products include a gel-free moisturiser containing Hyaluronic acid, a centuries old healing clay, and a pH balanced milky cleanser.

Heritage Store will also be highlighting the fact that Heritage Store’s new range is a fusion skincare and self-care. Cannon Dick says, “harnessing natural, potent ingredients for positivity with nature‚Äôs healing properties.”

The brand says that there are no preservatives, dyes, or harsh preservatives in vegan and cruelty-free products. “Just clean, feel good skin, and hair care,” they add.

Heritage Store is a US-based stockist of health food stores. However, the brand is available in Target, Ulta Beauty and Walmart as well as Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon in Canada.

Cannon Dick said that the US remains a top priority as most of the brand’s sales are still from North America. However, the brand is now focusing on international expansion, particularly targeting the UK. He also stated that more products will be dropping in the UK over the next year.

Heritage Store will also launch several new products in 2022. This includes a range that is crystal-infused. It will be available in the US this spring, and then in the UK.

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