Here’s a quick overview of the sourcing trends for the SS22/FW23 seasons

woman in blue denim shorts sitting on green grass field

The sourcing trends that we will be focusing on for the Spring/Summer 2022 season and the Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 season has been revealed by WGSN, a trend agency. The main takeaway? Next year’s sourcing will highlight a thoughtful way to shop, as well as an increasing appeal for eco-conscious fashion and sustainable practices.

Both established and new labels have high expectations. It is no surprise then that the industry is moving towards responsible sourcing. There has been a rise of plant-based natural dyes as well as certified fibres. We also have seen practical garments develop and an increase in the desire to wear them all year. We identified the key colours and patterns that will define 2022.


woman in blue denim shorts sitting on green grass field

Next year’s sourcing will be about investing in colours that can last year-round. Consumers are looking for products that will last, so it is important to choose colour palettes that can be worn all year. What hues are we buying? Creme white, grey, khaki, navy and of course, black. These are wardrobe staples customers will keep coming back to, based on their instinct to buy wardrobe essentials that won’t fade after a season. While some seasonal colours are still acceptable, they appear more carefully curated: deep red and blue or pistachio green.


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WGSN noticed a rise of trends that combine technology and luxury details. The fibres associated are innovative and responsible. Think sustainable synthetics such as recycled nylon, GOTS-certified cotton, and polyester like Econyl. Traceable cashmere, natural fibres like alpaca and wool are the best for outdoor-inspired style. Over the next year, we’ll also see a new wardrobe of workwear with smooth fibres such as recycled cotton and Merino wool taking over business attire, which is largely inspired by work at home. The main sourcing trends for fibres that have been around since centuries are still being followed, but with an ethical perspective. Fair trade organizations now source hemp, silk and linen. There will also be an increase in soft fibres with comforting properties and reassuring properties, such as extrafine merino wools or cotton-cashmere combinations.


red and white thread on red and white plaid textile

The tried-and-true patterns are still popular: check out yarn-dye strips, checks, tartans, and elegant colour-blocking. WGSN predicts that jacquards will be in demand, as well as false-plain textures and faded checks. Soft fibres will also increase in popularity. You’ll see bolder prints and patterns in the collections, including embroideries and ombre effects as well as brushed fabrics in a variety of bright colors.


There are many textures and finishes available for the key fabrics of 2022, 2023 and 2024. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from. The tech-oriented trends will use lightweight, breathable fabrics that are water-repellent and stretchable while those that focus on the outdoors will choose corduroy, twills and heavy cottons. The workwear wardrobe will feature brushed neutrals, jacquards, and satin stripes. We’ll also see many vegan options, including leather and suede. There will also be playful textures like boucles.

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