Half of UK adults desire a more sustainable Christmas

UK Christmas shoppers prefer to be more eco-friendly and less wasteful. Christmas is often seen as a season of excess consumption and waste. Consumers feel that brands should be more sustainable, especially at Christmas.

CIM research shows that 53 percent of adults desire a greener Christmas. 45 percent of those surveyed are willing to spend more on sustainable products. 64% of the 2,000 respondents to the survey expect brands and marketing departments to be more transparent about how Christmas products and services impact the environment. If this is not met, they will seek out alternatives.

CIM reports that many consumers are taking initiative and not waiting for brands. CIM found that 41% of respondents reuse Christmas decorations instead of buying new ones. 22% are purchasing from local businesses, and 22% are choosing to buy a plastic reusable Christmas Tree over buying one. Renting outfits for parties, using sustainable gift packaging and sending Christmas cards via e-cards are all popular choices.

Excessive Christmas packaging

CIM has been conducting research over the past three years to find out what packaging companies use. The vast majority of UK adults, 82%, agree that companies use too many packaging materials when delivering and selling products in-store. A majority of UK adults want large companies to do more to promote sustainable packaging. This is an increase of 16 percentage points over last year.

Consumers’ shopping habits are affected by the issue of overpackaging. 30% said that receiving an order online with excessive packaging made them hesitate to place another order. 34% prefer click and collect, which reduces carbon emissions associated home delivery.

Green New Year Resolutions

According to the WWF, 71% of adults intend to make Green New Year resolutions in order to be more eco-friendly in 2022. Source: The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Green Christmas survey

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