Hair horns are the hottest summer trend.

woman wearing round eyeglasses

The anime inspires bold, edgy looks with a nod to the punk and emo style worn by Keith Flint and the Bromley-Contingent.

Many hair trends have emerged this year. The shullet was first. The shullet is a mix of the 90s shag with the more difficult 80s mullet. Next came the wolf cut, which was a long, choppy style with layers and heavy fringe. But now there is a bold new trend: hair horns.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: Two slanted sprigs on each side of your head are styled with wax paste to make them look like pointy hair. They can be worn up or down depending on your mood.

This look is quickly gaining popularity. It has been viewed more than 64,000,000 times on TikTok. Confused magazine is calling it the latest beauty obsession. Famous hairstylists in the fashion industry like Eugene Souleiman and Guido Palau are sharing their versions on Instagram.

Luca Spinelli, a London stylist, says he does this cut at least twice a weeks. People are starting to embrace it. Some people prefer horns while others prefer cat ears. It all depends on each individual’s style, so you can adapt it to fit their needs.

woman wearing round eyeglasses

Charlie Le Mindu, a celebrity hairdresser in New York, has been creating this look for some time. He says, “It’s totally a trend now.” It’s easy to do and has a unique edge. It’s a great tool.

It is thought that it is a continuation of the mullet which was popularized in salons all over the country after the lockdown. Jackson Acton, the owner of the Crab Salad salon south London, says that it is a square haircut with spiking sides.

Another explanation is that it’s a protest against traditional beauty and about creating an alien look. Miranda Remington, 24, bought her Dracula-inspired version six month ago. “It was a suggestion of my hairdresser, as I have a lot of volume and my hair sticks out. So he gave me these hair horns. They go up when I go outside. It makes me feel more cat-like than a human being. It’s amazing.”

Dominic Johnson, a Queen Mary University of London reader in performance, visual culture and performance, sees the appeal of hairstyles and believes they have been more than just a fashion statement. He believes that looks can be interesting and that this is about “a fascination at the limit of what it means to be human”.

Caryn Franklin is a fashion commentator and professor at Kingston University. She suggests that the idea has been around for a while. She claims that hairdressers used extensions and high fringes in the 1980s to create “otherworldly looks.”

Kevin Ryan, celebrity hairdresser, agrees that the look is a classic. It has evolved from the punk-styled 70s Bromley Contingent hairstyles to the modern wave hairstyles in the 80s and the emo look of the 90s. The latest version has a video-game and anime flavor.”

Is it really too strange for the high street? Spinelli believes so. It can be mainstream because it is versatile and you can choose when to take your horns out. This is for those who love to experiment with different looks, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be strong. It doesn’t have to be boring.

However, there is an age limit. Most people who choose this style are in their 20s or 30s.

Souleiman believes that although hair trends are changing quickly and it is definitely a statement about gender-fluidity, this is not something everyone can do yet. It’s a popular look, but it requires a strong personality and a certain attitude to wear it.

Acton believes it’s not for everyone. It’s bold. He says that you have to look really professional. Imagine that you are wearing a suit.

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