Five Sneaker Trends to Make a Big Impact This Fall

white and red nike air force 1 low

As we continue to bring the coziness of our stay-at-home style into our everyday lives, we’re bringing playful sneaker trends along with us. Trainers that were once reserved for hiking through the woods or running a marathon have evolved into statement wardrobe essentials. Fashion month was a time when many street style stars gave their favourite kicks a chance for more exposure to the world by wearing them to shows all over the globe.

Of course, the movement shines bright on the runway too, with labels stamping their logos on the sporty lace-up shoes and styling them with delightful miniskirts and charming dresses. That’s what 2021’s most popular sneaker trends are all about: They can be worn with almost anything.

You’ll find something you love to wear all year, whether you’re shopping for something expensive or just trying out new styles.

The Hiker of the ’90s

Imagine your dad hiking in 1994. Close your eyes. Most likely, he was wearing sneakers similar to the now-ubiquitous styles. For added comfort, don’t save the retro silhouettes for your workouts. Instead, grab a pair of Asics or Reebok sneakers the next time you wear a maxi.

pair of gray sneakers on black steel frame

The Luxe Logos

Wear a pair logo-emblazoned sneakers to become a stylish banner for your favourite designers. Loewe’s extra large script can be supersized or you can go abstract with Dior’s hypnotizing circular pattern.

The Light Shines

Fall doesn’t mean you have to give up on spritely colours just because they are fall. The neon accents on Nike’s Sacai Collaboration and Hoka One One’s comfortable shoes will revive neutral palettes and brighten any dark days ahead.

white and red nike air force 1 low

The Cosmic Kicks

These futuristic designs allow us to dress up like a star in intergalactic fashion, even though we may not be able go into outer space with Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk anytime soon. Pyer Moss and Salomon are two of our favourite cutting-edge silhouettes.

The Building Blocks

A platform sneaker will give you the extra height you need without the awkward, difficult-to-walk in effect of stilettos. Converse recently gave its iconic kicks a chunky makeover. Bottega Veneta also likes the thick-soled trend.

person wearing multicolored wedge shoes

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