Fall Trend: Jade Stone & Amethyst Manicures

person wearing gold ring holding black textile

Many of us feel a strange transition from summer to fall. Although it’s still hot, many universities and colleges have started their fall semesters. This means that nail art designs for autumn are in high demand.

No matter your age or aesthetic preferences, we have the latest trends and designs to help you plan your fall salon appointments. A extra-glossy, jeweled amethyst is a great choice if you want to create a dark, autumnal look. You can also opt for a nude base with a white S-curved accent. You can also choose a jade-stone-inspired design, which is like a tiny accessory for your fingernails. Browse the gallery to discover your favourite.

Jewel Tones

Harriet Westmoreland, Nail Artist, just posted this glossy burgundy amethyst tone. It is especially chic when styled with a crisp white Oxford. This polish is Bio Sculpture Gel in the shade Beauty Of Perfection.

person wearing gold ring holding black textile

Subtle Curves

A nail-art refresh is also possible. This is not a flat or nude look, but rather a sheer basic color with thin lines.

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Dot Details

The trend for delicate details is another favorite of artists. This manicure, by nail artist Amy Rickaby, is like elegant white dotting, which you could DIY with a good white polish and a teeny-tiny detailing tool.

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Y2K Hearts

Current trends The ’90s revival has been followed by a nostalgic trend in nail art These trending Y2K hearts are adorable and totally customizable in color, though we’re really loving this cotton-candy palette.

person holding fern leaf

Green Jade

Nail artist Queenie Nguyen calls this design a “jade pendant” design, and we’re inspired by every aspect: the elongated almond shape, jade marbling, and gold lining.

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