Expert advice: 5 must-know trends in social media for fashion in 2022

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Social media users have been increasing for many years. Social media have become a more popular way to keep in touch with friends and to act as an indirect sales channel. According to Ruigrok Netpanel, 41% of online buyers purchased something via social media in 2021. Social media offers many opportunities for fashion retailers and brands.

It is essential to keep up to date with what is happening online in order to make the most of different channels. What are the developments for fashion retailers/brands and how can you react? Below you can find tips by Kirsten Jassies’, a trainer, speaker, and author in social media about the 2022 social media trends.

white samsung android smartphone on brown wooden table

Social selling is becoming more attractive

Jassies predicts that the Shopping feature on Instagram or Facebook will grow in popularity in 2022. This is partially because Meta (parent company for Instagram and Facebook) makes the feature is becoming more appealing. Opening a shop is much simpler than it used to be. Jassies stated that there are step-by–step tutorials to make setting up a shop easy for everyone.

The Shopping function has also been improved over the last year. A retailer or brand could upload one item at first. Jassies says that it is now possible to work with multiple items. It is possible for retailers to group products by type or collection. This makes it easier for customers to find what they need.

If it was up to Jassies all brands and retailers would have to use this Shopping function. Jassies suggests the following to help you do this in the most effective way: “It is important to show multiple photos of each product. Don’t show just one picture of a dress on a white background, but also lifestyle photos showing someone wearing the product in a comfortable setting. It is preferable to also include 3D photos and videos so that consumers can see how the garment moves. This is what My Jewellery does very well.”

You can sell during a livestream, or by direct messages

Other than the Shopping feature, social media is becoming more popular for selling via social networks. Direct messaging (DM) is a simple way to sell on Instagram. Take a photo in which you list products, and ask your followers to send a message if interested.

Selling during live streams is another social media trend in 2022. This is possible on social media platform TikTok via the Live Stream Shopping function. Live stream viewers will see an icon when products are passed by. Clicking on the icon will take them to the website. Jassies says: “Livestream shopping gives your followers an experience almost like personal shopping. You can also show different items of clothing and offer tips on how to combine them. Livestream also allows viewers to ask questions directly. 365Fashion is one account that excels at this.”

TikTok is a great place to bet for the New Year. According to the American research company Insider Intelligence, 755 million people will use TikTok by 2022. It will be the third largest social media platform after Instagram and Facebook. Emerce reports that TikTok saw a 40.8 percent growth in 2021.

Fashion in the metaverse

The metaverse is another hot topic in social media. It is a virtual place that connects all virtual realms using the Internet and Augmented Reality. This space was announced by several fashion companies last year as a way to invest in the future.

Jassies sees fashion companies having many opportunities in this emerging trend. “In the metaverse, we will have digital versions of ourselves in avatars. They must also wear clothes. This is already happening on Snapchat, Roblox and other digital universes. Users can create their avatars and dress them with Urban Outfitters or other brands. Other retailers have also been able to take advantage of these opportunities.”

Video remains as popular as ever

Jassies concludes with a piece of advice that can be applied to all companies who are active on social media. Moving images can give your business more life and create a better experience. Customers cannot come to you physically in lockdown, so it is important that they can move images. Stories and Reels are very popular with younger customers. These short videos can be used to inspire your audience in a fun and creative way. Make a video that features music and clear transitions. You can switch outfits on those transitions to show different looks. You can also show off how to style one item in many ways.

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