Ecovative partners in sustainable fashion cooperative with Bestseller and PVH Corporation

Ecovative is partnering with Bestseller and PVH Corporation to create an international sustainable fashion cooperative.

Bestseller and PVH Corporation will have priority access Ecovative’s mycelium innovation and will collaborate with Ecovative to develop mycelium materials suitable for consumer applications.

Ecovative produces mycelium for many partners worldwide. In 2021, ForagerT Hides, an alternative leather material was launched by Ecovative.

Ecovative’s mycelium can be grown and it produces a ready to use material. It does not contain any petroleum-based coatings or plastic scrims. It is entirely made from bio-based materials.

The mycelium material can be grown in sheets of up to 24 m in length and 1.8 m in width. This process takes only 9 days. You can customize it to your specifications, including density, tensile strength and fiber orientation.

Image: Ecovative

Fashion for Good Cooperative members, PVH Corp. and Bestseller designers, as well as Ecovative’s engineers, will collaborate to research, build, and test design and development strategies.

“At PVH, we are excited about exploring innovations that reduce the environment impact of our products,” said Rebecca England, VP of innovation at PVH European. “Mycelium gives us the opportunity to respond to consumer demand for products with lower environmental impact while maintaining quality and design that meets their needs.”

Ecovative’s mycelium can be used in many ways, including leather accessories, belts, shoes, and garments.

Bestseller sustainable materials engineer Anders Schorling Overgard said that Mycelium has great potential in fashion innovation. This is far beyond our industry. “We are eager to dive into product development and understand the aesthetics as well as the actual performance of Ecovative materials in the laboratory.”

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