Ebay UK launches an authenticity guarantee for luxury watches

silver and gold round analog watch at 10 10

Ebay UK is one of the most important luxury watch marketplaces worldwide. It now offers a post-sale authentication service for luxury watches that are sold in the UK for more than 2,000 pounds.

eBay explains that the Authenticity Guarantee offers “meticulous inspections and verifications” by independent experts. It provides “extra trust and confidence” for customers who browse watches on the site.

Kirsty KEOghan, Director of Luxury Goods at eBay UK stated in a statement that “When it comes down to buying luxury goods like watches, trust and confidence are paramount for our customers.”

silver and gold round analog watch at 10 10

“Our top goal is to increase trust in our marketplace for the entire eBay community. That is why we have invested in authenticity guarantee for watches at zero extra cost to the buyers or sellers. So customers can buy or trade luxury watches with complete confidence, and have it delivered to their doorstep within two days via secure shipping.”

Stoll and Co, an experienced team of watchmakers and technicians, has partnered with the online marketplace to conduct a multipoint physical authentication inspection of watches including Rolex and Omega.

Multi-point physical authentication inspects the watches for the crown, bezel and dial. It also includes clasp/buckle, hands and end links. They will also inspect any collateral sent along with the watches, including their inner and outer boxes as well as the pillow that was presented to them.

Graham Foster, Stoll and Co’s chief watchmaker, stated that “buying a luxury watch online can be nerve-wracking. That’s why this process has the utmost importance for the second-hand luxury market. It gives customers the assurance that their purchase will be authentic 100 percent.”

“It’s the finer details in high-end watches that make us tick, and so we’re excited about bringing our skills to the UK to power eBay’s new Authenticity Warranty for watches.”

The luxury watch market has seen a significant increase in searches on eBay.co.uk for vintage and pre-owned watches. Last year, one was sold every 28 seconds.

This announcement comes after eBay’s success with the ‘Authenticity Guarantee for Sneakers in the UK earlier in the year. New and used sneakers sold on the UK’s marketplace for more than 100 pounds are also vetted by an independent team authenticators.

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