Eat in Oakland: Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Although I had only been once to this restaurant, I knew it was the right place for me to celebrate my birthday. Farmhouse Kitchen is well-known for its intricate Thai cuisine and popular street food. It’s located in an amazing space overlooking the marina and Alameda.

four glass cups on white surface

My dining companion and I ordered two drinks: a Classic Thai Tea and a Summer Spritz, one of their perfectly made cocktails. Farmhouse Kitchen is all about presentation, as evidenced by the mounds of shaved Ice that were placed in the Thai iced Tea. The Summer Spritz, which was made with Aperol sparkling wine, pressed Grapefruit, and lemongrass, was refreshing. We started our meal with Samosas made from Red Norland potatoes, caramelized onions, and carrots. These were hands-down the best I have ever eaten. The pastry crust was flaky and rich, and the coconut curry sauce complimented the samosas perfectly.

We then shared two entrees: one a comfort dish, the other more adventurous. The Pad Kee Mow, made with flat rice noodles and bamboo shoots, tomato, basil, onions, bell pepper, garlic, and onion, had a different flavor to me than I am used to. Hat Yai Fried Chicken was Southern-style fried Mary’s Chicken with fried shallots and pickles. It also featured yellow dipping curry, potato, blue rice, and cucumber. It would be a hit with any lover of the dish and the taste was comparable to other dishes we have tried.

Overall, this was an incredible experience. This restaurant is very popular so I recommend booking ahead. The next time I visit, I would like to try another cocktail and a special such as the Basil Bomb or Kai Sam Ros. What are your recommendations for Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine?

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