David Beckham reportedly considering selling DB Ventures to ABG

According to reports, David Beckham is in talks with Authentic Brands Group (ABG), and Beckham is considering selling half of his management company, DB Ventures, over to the branding company.

According to Sunday’s The Mail report, the deal could see former England captain receive an investment in the amount of 200 million pounds. This would give him a 55% stake in the company.

ABG currently holds the rights to Juicy Couture and Reebok, as well the image rights for famous public figures such as Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe.

Beckham will have a partial control over the company’s business network with DB Ventures, which includes his brand tie-ups and partnerships with Adidas, AIA, Tudor, and life insurance company AIA.

It was reported previously that DB Ventures was looking for a partner in order to continue its growth plans. Previously, the company was a partner with XIX Entertainment. However, Beckham purchased XIX’s share for 50 million dollars in 2019.

Victoria Beckham, the wife of footballer, reported that her losses were shrinking for her brand in December 2021, despite a decrease in turnover. The Victoria Beckham Beauty line helped to improve company sales and provided a positive outlook for the company’s finances.

Image: David Beckham, Tudor

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